Birth & Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Services that I provide include;

Two prenatal visits;

In those visits, we can have a chat about what kind of birth experience you would like and make up a birth plan together.

We would chat about how I can help you, what type of support you want from me. 

I work with mom and her birth partner to help make their experience as gentle and enjoyable as possible. Helping birth partner with resources on how to support mom during labour and birth or with holistic prenatal classes available in their area such as hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga etc.

Birth support;

I will either meet you at the hospital or I will come out to your home once you feel like you would like some support. Early, mid or late stages of labour, whenever you would like me to come over I will. 

If you are staying at home then I will be with you until your little one is happy out in your arms and if you are having a hospital birth I will go from your home to the hospital with you and your birth partner and again, be there till the very end. 

The support that I will give you is completely up to you and your partner and the type of people that you are. As your doula, I am completely following your leads and will support you in your decisions giving you encouragement and support when you feel like you need it. 

Postpartum support;

Postpartum support is so varied. I have given a different type of support to every family that I have been with. No two visits have been the same. 

The support that I offer ranges from breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping support. Emotional support following your birth experience. Practical support helping out with chores around the house. Helping play with and entertain older siblings, giving you a chance to feed and connect with your new baby. Helping prepare meals for you to add to the freezer. Holding your new baby if you need a shower or a rest. 

I have so many resources available regarding anything baby and breastfeeding and postpartum so any tiny question you have I will answer and you can be assured that the information is coming from a trusted, researched source. 

The type of postpartum support that I can offer you will depend on you. I will mould around you and your family and your needs.