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The placenta is the link between mother and child. They are as one brought together by this most special connection. Sustaining a life as they begin to grow harmoniously together.

More and more women around the globe are looking to unlock the potential that lie's within their bodies. To trust within your body to provide the strength and healing properties that your body needs. Placenta consumption holds a rich plethora of benefits for your body, made by your body. 100% natural and holistic. It sustained your baby and can help sustain you too.

For thousands of years humankind has known of the special qualities of this most amazing organ. They have used this natural connection physically and symbolically to draw strength and healing. Indigenous tribes from around the world have used the placenta for it's powerful potential, through consumption and ceremony. 


My decision to have my placenta encapsulated was very last minute and when I called Kate I immediately felt relieved that I was going ahead with it. Nothing was a problem. Kate's service was efficient and professional as well as being friendly,informative and supportive, I would highly recommend her. My capsules arrived in beautifully presented package and I was so excited to start taking them. My baby is now 10 weeks and I feel great. I have lots of energy which is very important with a three year old who is looking for lots of love and reassurance. Breastfeeding is going really well and I have a great supply. My skin, nails and hair are also better than ever. This is an excellent service which I would definitely recommend. 

K. Walsh, Co. Laois

Started taking capsules today. There is something very soothing and healing and spiritual about taking them so far. I feel like I am honouring my body for what it has provided for my baby. 

Malvina, Kildare.

I am loving taking my capsules so much. I feel so much more enegy after taking them and know if I have forgotten to take them as my energy dips a bit. So happy to have found Kate and a natural way to nourish my body for myself and my new baby. 

I absolutely love my placenta print. The tree of life that sustained my little girl is hanging in a frame on the wall. It always makes me smile when I walk past it. 

Thanks you so much Kate 

Sarah, Galway.

Kate, loving my capsules! Milk came in today so absolutely delighted.

Niamh, Wexford.


Thank you for looking after my placenta 😊
Came on your page to give you a review but there isn't an option to do so, so 5☆ for you.

Thank you,

L. Gleeson, Co. Kildare


Thanks you so much for the Capsules and Smoothie which helped me massively with our new LO. The care and attention in the chord and prints is something I will cherish forever. 

J. Keane, Co. Clare

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