What are the benefits ?


 Some of the main benefits are:

Milk production - Studies of Placenta capsules and placenta remedies have shown to aid in breastmilk production and supply. The results have been seen within hours of taking the capsules it provides an amazing boost in the most crucial time.

Energy  - The levels of vitamins, hormones and minerals (especially iron) present in the capsules really aid in the healing process and balancing out hormones helping the new mama function in those first few weeks. 

Post Natal Depression - IPEN have undertaken studies and reports to measure the amount of mothers who took capsules and suffered from PND and results showed that only 2 woman in 1,100 suffered from PND. 

Blood Loss Recovery (Iron) - During and after vaginal delivery mothers loose 1/8 to 1/10 of her body's blood supply leaving her exhausted. Placenta capsules are filled with iron, the perfect replenishment after birth.

Placenta capsules are also full of stem cells and growth factors that will help in the healing process turning post birth bleeding from 3-6 weeks into 5-10 days.